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Book the Modern-Day Elite Historian & Mogul


Financial Literacy, Banking, Entrepreneurism, Empowerment, Innovation, Mentorship, Leadership, Inspirational, Personal Wellness, Personal Development, STEM, CTE, Industry, Generational Wealth, Lifestyle, Motivation, Prison Reform, Suicide Awareness, Stop The Violence, Presidential White House Visit 

Booking Fee Range: USA

Virtual Event: $25,000 - $50,000 Per Written Agreement

Live: $45,000 - $250,000 Per Written Agreement

Including Security Staff & Faculty

Global Traveling Fee Range:

$100,000 - 1 Million Dollars Per Written Agreement

Including Security Staff & Faculty

One-Day White House Visit:

$250,000- Per Written Agreement

Including Security Staff & Faculty

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About the Visionary & Historian

Ms. Blonka is on a mission to make the Universe a leveled playing field by championing underserved communities, being a pillar city to city & teaching Financial Literacy & Economic Advancement. Through fourteen years of Philanthropy, the City of New Orleans bestowed the Key To The City to Ms. Blonka Mack. 


As the founder of the Blonka Movement, the essence was created to touch the people and help the less fortunate. Her passion for assisting & mentoring students on a global level sparked people to elevate their habits and thought processes to their highest level of self through Supreme Wisdom. Impactful Author of Book Of Keyz Part 1, The Game Changer Mindset and Blueprint to success traveling throughout the hallways of Prestigious Universities, balancing our Middle Schools and High Schools with the new college readiness documented in the media. 


Metaphorically, her professional swimmer-type work ethic never stops until the mission is complete. She sparked a serial entrepreneur who opened the door for next in line with the motto of her principled clarion call; bet on yourself. Thinking outside of the matrix, she conquered long-term goals as a daily practice with tunnel vision & multiple vision boards. She consistently outworked herself and positioned her team everywhere she manifested with an unorthodox approach.


Blonka Movement Reach 1 Teach 1 Program has bridged the wealth and opportunity gap, teaching the many depths and myths about credit and financial freedom and overtime recognized with over twelve congressional proclamations. 


Unequivocally stair casing an impeccable Legacy while nurturing the youth with her educational approach. Ms. Blonka has been inducted into the Warren Easton Charter High School Hall of Fame as a former alum class of 2009 and spearheaded a global 4:44 Financial Literacy World Tour that has amalgamated educational program partnerships. New York, Ohio, and Louisiana are the trifecta states that have been the cornerstone of the Evolution of the Blonka Movement. She's currently working on Book Of Keyz Part 2 while traveling the world with her son E'Lon King Johnson making memories to last and stand the test of time. 

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