About Book Of Keyz:Part 1

Book of Keyz is bestowed upon thy new gatekeeper in Synchronicity by the tree of life and inspired by thy son, of my empires. E'lon, which means Oak or Tree = Oak Tree in Hebrew. You will discover a tribe of advice and quotes to raise you from your past thinking and behaviors. It is a Moral Compass guiding your insperience while awakening the mind through a spiritual journey.

A direct reassurance of consistent navigation towards your next move, transforming you into a Supreme being and advocating for Psychology, Foster Care, Mental Health, Prison Reform, & Kids With A Higher Learning Standard, classified as Special Needs to name a few. You will stumble upon facts and wisdom broke down in a non-doctoral way, metaphorically speaking, connecting with every age group.

Thank You for your purchase and support. Toast to change as you strive within each milestone to becoming a better version of yourself. 10% of proceeds will raise awareness for Children With A Higher Learning Standard known as Special Need's, Prison Reform & Boil Water Advisory donations. Your contribution is of quality, "True Knowledge is True Wealth codes to a life shared in the amalgamation of wise seekers." Tell a friend to tell a neighbor about this fantastic read. For inquiries, donation requests, email: info@blonka.com. A member of our staff will assist you as soon as possible. B.O.K Part 1 Disclaimer, various book images on the website & social media are book mocks. Book Mock measurements are not final, and the live accurate publishing & distribution of Book Of Keyz Part 1 is now available Amazon.com.

All rights reserved, Blonka L.L.C., Book Of Keyz L.L.C. Copyrighted and Trademarked Material. 

Book Of Keyz Part 1

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