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The Blueprint & Mindset Game Changer
College Readiness Book

Re-directing a mindset with Universal teachings bringing about National change in the development from common thinking to Supreme Wisdom. Centuries of advice and facts are broken down in a non-doctorial way. 

Book Of Keyz is Informing the local minds of pathways, hidden language, and psychology, educating all citizens, and redirecting the youth for a better today. With the hope of evolving Mankind Universally in harmony. This spiritual self-help serves to break barriers and stereotypical chains into a new society within a society. Book Of Keyz Part 1 is studied amongst wise seekers, teachers, and professors and contracted under educational programs to enhance Reading, Finacial Literacy, Economic Advancement, and Mental Wellness. B.O.K advocates for Prison Incarceration, Foster Care, Evolution of the Mind, Psychology, redirecting the youth, Entrepreneurship, Mannerisms, Business Ethics, Speaking to the Masses, Credit, Kids with Special Needs, and much more. 

The Book Of Keyz is to be studied and passed down from generation to generation. Our bet on yourself motto is our clarion call for change in improving America. It was made to impact the globe with centuries of information dominating for light years to come. Traveling down X-Nation of the unknown, anticipating every checkpoint as she studied the universe, people, things, places, documentaries, and laws. We are making ancestral roots proud as a part of history; the Blonka Movement Way & E'Lon King Way are universally made in America. 

Thy book was inspired by: E'Lon King Johnson only child of Author Blonka Mack, and nationally inspired for change in underserved communities to level the generational wealth and opportunity gap. 

As the key to the city of New Orleans and hall of fame paragon leader, Blonka Mack has arrived with a mission to Reach and Teach while passing the information down to the next generation.


All rights reserved, Blonka L.L.C., Book Of Keyz L.L.C. Copyrighted and Trademarked Material. Disclaimer. 


Book Of Keyz Part 1

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