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My Story

    Born and raised in New Orleans, LA. My calling discovered me in the heart of Treme under the arches of the Louis Armstrong Park was where I dedicated myself to the world of philanthropy. My teaching of Supreme Wisdom allowed me to sit and study amongst the elite; as my mind evolved, I grew from the concrete and learned from the jungle; I elevated my position and rose to my highest power. As an entrepreneur, author, trailblazer, musician, visionary, counselor, spiritual life coach, public figure, and so much more, my goal was to become limitless; many obstacles I faced head-on didn't define me; I'm a walking testimony. 


     My mother, Trena Mack, has been my most extraordinary role model as I continue to be a student of Life. Being a navy kid allowed me to speak amongst the diverse and adapt to different climates, languages, and perspectives. As I was putting the finishing touches on Book Of Keyz Part 1, I became a first-time mom embarking on a Divine Journey in which the Legacy continues through E'Lon King Johnson.

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