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Join Blonka Movement!

Alumni Alliance 

Alumni Alliance is a connection between the organization and its members. Most often, the impact of what we represent brings about generous donations to help serve our communities' personal needs. We meet students who need shoes, a jacket, books, school supplies, etc. In championing underserved communities and school systems, the brightest mentee often comes from poverty or setback and needs our help personally and behind the scenes. 


A moment like this is the foundation of our Founder, Blonka Mack. Her gratitude in giving the clothes off her back to cover the next, in humbleness to the creator and the Universe, is B.M. Our goal is to keep the essence and spirit of why we do what we do through our Membership support for a great cause. A need for one is a need for all, and until we fix and solve many issues in the community, it will exist after us. We are ahead of the solution while the Universe is behind, filling a humanely necessary void.

Elite Membership

Blonka Movement Membership gives you access to level up! Whether personally, professionally, financially, spiritually, or above. For $200 annually, you'll become a part of our family & will receive updates about our Organization as we staircase the blueprint to success. 


Upon joining, welcome to the team on behalf of Ms. Blonka. The essence of our membership is offering a family camaraderie that stands the test of time. As she spearheads a Global Financially Literacy Tour, we ask that you join our membership and stay connected to the Pioneer & team as she's paving the proper foundation, cultivating and educating the local citizens of society within a society. She has been doing the work day and night for a decade. Embrace evolution and change of a new thought process while she represents progress with the iron sharpen iron mentality. 


Tune into the video she will make for members, keep you informed, and stand with the next leader of our time and Human Rights activist. You will have access to lectures on personal/professional development. Witness her blueprint to million-dollar & billion-dollar status connections that will change the times we're living amongst observing the imbalance culturally.


Learn how to join and stand with us at all events while showing your support with our Blonka Movement Merch, Shirts, Hats, Books, etc. Maximize your ability to network in the rooms. Unify with us on the ground level, where our Organization will call for all members to attend in solidarity. We breed Unity, Peace, and Justice for all. When Ms. Blonka calls, you come. 


Ready to level up and be a part of History? Join us! We look forward to having your professional ties and passion linked to our Organization. 

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